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No two investors are identical. Your life develops like no one else's and, as such, it requires a financial plan of action that is personalized to reflect your situation and your life's own unique characteristics. Our insistence on assessing your circumstances individually means that our solutions to issues like tax planning, estate and legacy planning, retirement and cash flow will always produce a result that is as unique as you are.

We listen intently to how you articulate your objectives. Whether you want to turn a hobby into a business or you'd prefer to travel the world after retirement, we want to know. Retirement is a stage of life that can place greater strain on your finances since more of your time will be spent at leisure.

With the absence of your working salary, you will need income from pensions or other investments to live reasonably well. Findlay Nicolson can help you to build a large sum of capital that can be used to purchase an annuity or alternative arrangement when you retire. The bigger the lump sum, the bigger the annuity.

A financial plan that's personally focused is the only way to help you navigate a financial climate that's growing steadily more complex and confusing as the years pass. Flexibility gives your plan the ability to adapt to the changing environment as well as to your changing circumstances.

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We are, first and foremost, a people business. Our strengths stem from our ability to attract, retain and motivate the most talented professionals and support personnel.

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Findlay Nicolson's purview focuses on enabling our clients to accumulate new wealth and to protect and/or generate meaningful income from existing capital.

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We are cautiously optimistic on the global economy but remain positioned to change tactics in the event of an unexpected downturn in growth expectations.


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Just as the proverbial thousand-mile journey begins with a single step, the path to lifelong prosperity begins with making a single decision. Today's financial world with its complexities and rapidly changing perspectives means that simply doing nothing is actually a far riskier proposition than taking a sensible, professionally-guided approach.

Findlay Nicolson is such a professional and, with our help, you can be sure that, whatever the future brings, your finances will never be an impediment.