Our Process

Our Investment Process

The adherence to discipline we demonstrate in our research and our risk management is mirrored in the manner in which we approach the numerous steps we take long before you engage us as one of your trusted advisers. As the old adage states, "a failure to plan is a plan to fail" and nowhere is this proven as vividly and as often as it is in matters of investment.

Addressing Your Priorities

Our professionals allocate as much time as required to get to the root of your situation. They ask probing questions designed to get you to pinpoint the issues that need attention in order of priority. It can be a liberating experience and many clients express a sense of surprise when the barebones of their financial makeup are laid out on paper.

Constructing The Plan

We pore through the intricacies of your assets, liabilities, debt, cash flow, capital and a multitude of other data as we identify areas that require attention. Once we have completed our evaluation, we work closely with you to map out a clear, concise plan of action that will address all issues – some immediately, others in the fullness of time.

At this point, as at others, we will expect you to ask plenty of questions. We welcome questions because we know that you want to understand as much about the planning process as possible. We'll explain the reasons for the recommendations we make and, again, await questions or ideas that you have.

Assessing Risk

Once we have identified which steps will be taken, we gauge your tolerance for investment risk. Essentially, this seeks to find out how much risk you are prepared to expose your capital to since this can have a significant impact on the accumulation of capital and the pace at which it occurs. Upon determining your risk tolerance, we can begin discussing the assets your capital will be used to buy for your portfolio.

Our Investment Process
You & Your Needs
We start by gaining a deep understanding of your personal circumstances and financial aspirations
Addressing Your Priorities
Maintaining lifestyle choices as we plan to realize future objectives
Constructing the Plan
Creating a vision of your future detailing milestone achievements
Assessing Risk
Managing risk in line with
your pre-defined tolerance
Discretionary Investment Management
Proactive management style

By entrusting us with limited authority to make discretionary investment decisions on your behalf, you are free to go about your normal business safe in the knowledge that we are working hard to see to it that your investment return objectives are met.

Discretionary Investment Management at Findlay Nicolson
Financial Planning Services
Planning for tomorrow, today

No two investors are identical. Your life develops like no one else's and, as such, it requires a financial plan of action that is personalized to reflect your situation and your life's own unique characteristics.

Financial Planning at Findlay Nicolson
The LongShort Report
Sophisticated investment insights

The LongShort Report is a popular subscription-based investment report for more experienced investors who have a desire to profit from the short-term volatility typically associated with financial markets.

Findlay Nicolson Long Short Report

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Just as the proverbial thousand-mile journey begins with a single step, the path to lifelong prosperity begins with making a single decision. Today's financial world with its complexities and rapidly changing perspectives means that simply doing nothing is actually a far riskier proposition than taking a sensible, professionally-guided approach.

Findlay Nicolson is such a professional and, with our help, you can be sure that, whatever the future brings, your finances will never be an impediment.