Our Research

Our Research

Central to the Findlay Nicolson investment philosophy is the fact that our in-house, sector-based fundamental research forms the foundation of our highly successful investment process. We employ over 30 vocational analysts organized on a global basis by sector and industry.

Sector-Specific Expertise

By employing this approach, specialized expertise is developed in each sector. The analysts work within global teams so as to be certain of providing the comprehensive coverage crucial to our ability to provide a level of access consistent with a top tier investment manager.

image/svg+xml Our fundamental research focuses on both qualitative as well as quantitative analysis. This extends to face-to-face meetings with companies – each Findlay Nicolson analyst attends an average of 100 corporate meetings each year.

Keeping Our Edge

We believe our commitment to making the effort to meet companies on a one-on-one basis is key to giving us a competitive advantage and ensuring we retain our edge over our rivals. It makes all the difference when we assess the key drivers of the individual stocks we use as components in our clients' portfolios.

This dedication enables Findlay Nicolson to identify what, in our opinion, represent attractive investment opportunities. Our investment professionals, collaborating in a team-orientated meritocracy, concentrate on building portfolios that provide attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Why Choose Findlay Nicolson?
About Findlay Nicolson
Our People

We are, first and foremost, a people business. Our strengths stem from our ability to attract, retain and motivate the most talented professionals and support personnel.

Our Mission Statement

Findlay Nicolson's purview focuses on enabling our clients to accumulate new wealth and to protect and/or generate meaningful income from existing capital.

Our Outlook

We are cautiously optimistic on the global economy but remain positioned to change tactics in the event of an unexpected downturn in growth expectations.

Our Investment Process

The adherence to discipline we demonstrate in our research and our risk management is mirrored in the manner in which we approach the numerous steps we take long before you engage us as one of your trusted advisers. As the old adage states, "a failure to plan is a plan to fail" and nowhere is this proven as vividly and as often as it is in matters of investment.

You & Your Needs
We start by gaining a deep understanding of your personal circumstances and financial aspirations
Addressing Your Priorities
Maintaining lifestyle choices as we plan to realize future objectives
Constructing the Plan
Creating a vision of your future detailing milestone achievements
Assessing Risk
Managing risk in line with
your pre-defined tolerance