Investment Securities


Findlay Nicolson invests in several types of securities, but the majority of our clients are concerned with three main classes; stocks, fixed income and mutual funds/exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


These are the foundation of the majority of the portfolios we build here at Findlay Nicolson. They are versatile, liquid (easy to buy and sell) and the sheer number of companies whose stock trades on the various exchanges around the world means that every degree of investment risk is represented.

From grand, solid Wall Street blue chips that have paid dividends every year for half a century to the young social media startup seeking its first listing on China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Stocks held over the medium to long term are also an excellent hedge against inflation. A client's portfolio will have a clear bias towards stocks if capital accumulation is a chief consideration.

Fixed Income

Fixed income securities can include various assets like corporate bonds, certificates of deposit (CDs) as well as treasury bills & notes. Findlay Nicolson concentrates on corporate bonds and treasury notes/bonds which we buy/sell on behalf of clients using bond funds run by carefully selected fund managers. Your portfolio is more likely to be weighted with these securities if you are more concerned about preserving and/or receiving an income from existing capital.

Mutual Funds/Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs)

Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are pooled investments that provide investors with a cost-effective way to invest in a variety of assets including stocks and fixed income when individual holdings are impractical. Some investors wish to track the performance of an index like, for instance, the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the NASDAQ.

Owning the individual shares of each company making up those indexes would be costly so buying a mutual fund or an ETF pools the capital of many investors and buys the stocks of the index's constituents. There are some key differences between ordinary mutual funds and ETFs and Findlay Nicolson's professionals can explain them in clear terms using jargon-free language.

There are many funds investing in everything from stocks and commodities to bonds and derivatives.

Discretionary Investment Management
Proactive management style

By entrusting us with limited authority to make discretionary investment decisions on your behalf, you are free to go about your normal business safe in the knowledge that we are working hard to see to it that your investment return objectives are met.

Discretionary Investment Management at Findlay Nicolson
Financial Planning Services
Planning for tomorrow, today

No two investors are identical. Your life develops like no one else's and, as such, it requires a financial plan of action that is personalized to reflect your situation and your life's own unique characteristics.

Financial Planning at Findlay Nicolson
The LongShort Report
Sophisticated investment insights

The LongShort Report is a popular subscription-based investment report for more experienced investors who have a desire to profit from the short-term volatility typically associated with financial markets.

Findlay Nicolson Long Short Report

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Just as the proverbial thousand-mile journey begins with a single step, the path to lifelong prosperity begins with making a single decision. Today's financial world with its complexities and rapidly changing perspectives means that simply doing nothing is actually a far riskier proposition than taking a sensible, professionally-guided approach.

Findlay Nicolson is such a professional and, with our help, you can be sure that, whatever the future brings, your finances will never be an impediment.