LongShort Report

The LongShort Report

The LongShort Report is a popular subscription-based investment report for more experienced investors who have a desire to profit from the short-term volatility typically associated with financial markets.

Individual trading accounts have experienced a huge surge in interest in recent years thanks to the broad-based proliferation and speed of broadband internet and the marked growth in the number of account providers and it's easy to see why.

Most of the products made available to holders of these types of accounts are called "margin" products which make it possible for account holders to control the deployment of large positions for a relatively modest initial outlay.

Findlay Nicolson's LongShort Report provides subscribers with a detailed daily report containing recommendations for trading the major global stock exchanges as well as currencies and commodities. Our recommendations always provide precise entry and exit points as well as the fundamental and technical analysis that supports the underlying rationale for the trade.

image/svg+xml There are a number of ways in which investors can profit including going short, going long or simply hedging against short-term depreciation in the value of a long-term shareholding.

Going short means, you can profit from a decrease in the price of the security, an ideal strategy in times of increased market volatility. Despite the fact that these products provide investors with enormous trading flexibility, they also harbor significant levels of risk when used improperly. Findlay Nicolson can help you manage this risk by providing the in depth analysis and guidance. We can also provide assistance with the instigation of trading accounts with partner brokerages catering specifically to this exciting segment of the market.

We would be remiss in our duty as fiduciaries if we failed to provide the following warning; although this form of investing can be rewarding, it is not for investors with a low tolerance for investment risk. This form of investing carries a significant risk of loss and you may lose more money than you invest.

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Just as the proverbial thousand-mile journey begins with a single step, the path to lifelong prosperity begins with making a single decision. Today's financial world with its complexities and rapidly changing perspectives means that simply doing nothing is actually a far riskier proposition than taking a sensible, professionally-guided approach.

Findlay Nicolson is such a professional and, with our help, you can be sure that, whatever the future brings, your finances will never be an impediment.